Continuing labor shortage envisions a growing market for 2023

UWV hires dozens of people
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The UVW expects that the shortage in the labour market will continue in the coming years. The economy in Southeast (SE) Brabant is expected to grow at 3.2 per cent. Forecasts suggest that some 10,300 new jobs will be available. 

All this said the forecasts remain uncertain for this year. Although news about the coronavirus has virtually disappeared from the news in the spring of 2022, it still is a risk factor. The ongoing war in Ukraine supplements this. Nevertheless, the economy in both the high-tech and healthcare sector is already developing at pre-corona levels. This gives a strong indication of a positive future, as predicted by the UVW.

Sector-based growth
Opportunities in the hospitality sector are still lagging compared to 2019. It is expected that the catering industry will expand this. However, should it reach levels before that of the pandemic remains uncertain? Merchandising and agriculture industries could see a shrinkage in the coming year.

Two-year expectations
Employment growth will continue, but at a lower level, expects the UVW.
One of the sectors that will see the most growth this year and next is the temporary employment sector. It is also the sector that has suffered the heaviest blows due to the corona crisis. The UVW expects employment in the sector to grow by almost ten per cent up to and including 2023. In concrete terms, this means that about 2,900 flexible jobs will be added.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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