Around ten per cent of the Ukrainian refugees now has a job

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One in nine refugees from Ukraine in the Eindhoven region has now found a job. This means that a total of 153 refugees from the war-torn eastern European country are now working in Southeast Brabant.

Figures from the ‘Veiligheidsregio’ show that some 1,350 refugees were received in the region. Sixty-seven Ukrainians are working in the Helmond/De Peel region.

UWV cannot specify the sectors most Ukrainians are working in. However, the agency does state that in most cases it concerns work as an employee. Ukrainian self-employed workers are not yet allowed to work in the Netherlands due to existing legislation. They are trying to find a solution in The Hague for this, says the agency.

Staff shortage

For employers in the region, Ukrainian refugees offer an opportunity in a labour market that is facing a shortfall in workers. At the same time, the refugees are happy that they can roll up their sleeves and start working. The monetary support that they receive from the municipality is appreciated, but it is not a lot.

Source: Studio040

Translated by Yawar Abbas

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