Meet & Match event Fontys is ‘candy shop’ for students

Fontys meet & match event
Photo credit: Studio040

In the Evoluon, there are about 2,700 speed dates at the Fontys Meet & Match event. Tech students and companies can meet here.

There is a growing shortage of personnel in the tech sector, so the meetings on such a day are of great importance. Mark Herman is the organiser from Fontys and endeavours cooperation with companies in the region in order to strengthen each other. “If there is a big order at such a company, they immediately come to our doorstep and say, “Mark, how are we going to organise that we get the needed professional talent?”

Keeping the professionals here in the region is what Fontys wants. Herman: “It is important that our students know which companies are located here and what we do here. That way they are more likely to stay and find a job here and do not go abroad”.

Candy shop for students
“The event has grown enormously. Whereas around 100 companies were present at the previous edition, there are now 180. It is really noticeable that there are personnel shortages everywhere and large companies such as ASML and Philips are snatching up all the talent.”

The students have plenty of choice. A student of Applied Physics says: “I can really do my own thing here and have a little bit of everything. That is really fantastic!”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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