Marijn from Acht discovered his own tulip in Iran

New Tulip found in Iran
Photo credit: Studio040

Nature photographer and flower lover Marijn van den Brink is since a few months the namesake of ‘his’ own tulip: the Tulipa Brinkii. He found this tulip during a trip through Iran, already 13 years ago.

Marijn travels more often to take pictures of new flowers and plants. He often takes seeds with him, so that he can plant them at home. Only when he saw a tulip in the Kuh e Aladag mountains in north-eastern Iran, he did not know what species it was. “I didn’t know what I had brought home. I sent it to a grower to see what it was. Nine years later, in 2018, it turned out to be a tulip”.

Long research
The grower could not immediately say whether the tulip was a new species or already an existing type of flower. After almost three years, it actually came out that this new tulip had not been found before. The tulip is indeed new. And therefore the name Tulipa Brinkii, named after his surname Brink.

Marijn is quite proud of the fact that it bears his name: “Of course, many people have a tulip in their name. Now this is a different version, a botanical (wild) tulip. This one is therefore also more unique and that makes me very honoured that it has my name”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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