A look into the atomic cellar of Philips

Atomic cellar in Eindhoven
Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

It is topical again, with a threat of a Russian attack: air-raid shelters. Studio040 took a look in the atomic basement of Philips at Strijp TQ. A basement from the Cold War, which was intended to keep the company going in case of a nuclear attack.

Studio040 descended with Boudie Hoogedeure, on behalf of Gevo Vastgoed, the manager of the atomic cellar, and Bauke Hüsken, a historian who knows all the air-raid shelters in Eindhoven. “There is one under Markt, but also near Strijps Bultje and under the old Van Piere building in the city centre. But this is by far the largest”, Hüsken says.


The basement measures 400 square metres. The interior was taken out by burglars during the renovation of the building. But the interior still shows that the room was fully equipped.

The command post in the atomic basement was probably connected to other locations by underground passages. The Henri Van Abbe Foundation, to which cellar specialist Bauke is attached, is considering initiating an investigation into the subterranean corridor system. The cellar will not be used again.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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