Killed wolf came from Belgium

Killed wolf
Photo credit: BIJ12/Studio040

The wolf that was killed half January on the A67 near Aalst, was from a Belgian pack.

That is what nature organisation BIJ12 announced. The wolf was a cub of the Belgian Hechtel-Eksel pack: named after the village Hechtel-Eksel, which lies about 25 kilometres south of the Belgian-Dutch border.

DNA research of the wolf showed that the animal was 9 months old when it was hit. He was born around 19 April. At 9 months old, the wolf started to roam at an early age. Usually wolves wait until they are about one and a half years old, BIJ12 reports.

BIJ12 has this information at its disposal because wolves in Europe are closely monitored. Individual wolves get a code based on the DNA they find. The tracks they leave behind are investigated and the information is stored in a database. This way, we can map how the animals roam through large areas.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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