New party Volt aspires for a digitalised Eindhoven #Eindhoven elections

Volt Eindhoven

Volt is a new voice in politics that wants to build trust with pragmatic solutions in collaboration at every level, from local to European. A sustainable, cross-border mindset where differences are bridged to allow a brighter future for Eindhoven by working with and learning lessons from other cities across Europe.

 Eindhoven is a prime example of a high-tech city, and this development must continue. However, the issues of Eindhovenaaren( Eindhoven citizens) must be better addressed. These issues are within the field of digital affairs, mobility, inclusiveness, climate, citizen participation, art and culture in Eindhoven and the collaboration with Brainport.   

We want an economy that is innovative, sustainable and continues to develop inclusively. We want equality of opportunity in society to be guaranteed and citizens to have a political say besides the voting right. The key points of Volt to tackle these issues are mentioned below; for a full overview, see the Volt Policy.

Volt wants to make fibre-optic networks accessible to all

Digital government
Eindhoven as a digital city: Volt wants to organise the information management in such a way that information is available, accessible, but above all robust. This would be done through the following policies. Firstly, by creating an Alderman for digital affairs, who would be responsible for actively advancing Eindhoven’s digitalisation policy more safely. Moreover, a new digital infrastructure is necessary for innovation. Volt wants to make fibre-optic networks accessible to all and roll out 5G. Finally, Volt intends to open a municipal algorithm register that will contribute to greater transparency, less discrimination, fairer control and legislation, and prevent scandals.

Public transport must be organised differently to become an attractive alternative to the car for commuting. Volt’s policies would include prioritising cycling paths, making a car-free city centre, connecting more regional cities with fast bicycle paths. Furthermore, Volt wants to encourage shared mobility by creating ‘Spots’ where shared vehicles(scooters, cars, bicycles) can be accessed and stored. Finally, Volt wants to improve the public transport sector by increasing the reach of buses ( on the ring but also to the High-tech Campus).

An inclusive city with equal opportunities 
Volt is committed to a futuristic city where social equality is really implemented. Volt actively strives for a society where everyone feels at home, is heard, and can participate. To do this, Volt wants to work with local associations to give more active help to members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Moreover, affordable housing is essential hence Volt wants more initiatives in the field of creative housing that provide a wider range of housing types. Finally, Volt believes in affordable healthcare for the youth; hence youth care centres should be implemented in every neighbourhood where youth are actively helped.

Environment, climate, green city 

Volt appreciates the municipality’s climate targets for an emission-free city centre in 2030 and climate neutrality in 2050 but wants to be more ambitious: reduce vehicle emissions throughout the city and become climate neutral by 2040. To achieve this, Volt proposes several policies. Among them are improving the sustainability of food supply by incentivizing companies/individuals to buy from local producers as much as possible. Another Volt’s policy is to create a greener Eindhoven by increasing vertical vegetation on buildings and creating more bird/insect-friendly lighting.

Bram Kamp (far left) and Robin Brokmann (far right) Campaigning for Volt

Citizen participation
Politicians must listen to the inhabitants of Eindhoven and involve their ideas in decision-making. Citizen participation can start close to home.

Volt stands for participation at every level.

More citizen participation will be promoted via traditional and digital means. This means introducing more hybrid meetings among Eindhovenaaren about themes to guide the municipality in policymaking.  

Art, culture, and media 

Art, artists, and culture are essential to Eindhoven. Creative Eindhoven residents work on a common language and share experiences. Art in public space makes the city interesting to live, travel and work in. Therefore, Volt wants more studio space, with the concept of ‘atelierhospita’. This means that they can rent space from private individuals in their homes. This allows citizens and Eindhoven artists to come into contact with each other.  Finally, Volt wants to improve the conditions for artists in public spaces; Volt aspires to cooperate with other European cities to create a more inclusive selection procedure, ensuring that citizens are included in the process.

Economy – The Brainport 

The Brainport region is a unique collaboration that must be cherished. However, Volt believes the municipality can be more ambitious by using Brainport to not only improve the business climate but also to fulfil the needs and rights of Eindhoven residents. Hence, Volt believes in an open and sustainable Brainport, where citizens can voice how the municipality’s money is spent within Brainport. Finally, Volt believes  Brainport should draw up a sustainability plan to ensure the climate transition is put at the centre of innovation.

Learning from other European examples

We are inspired by policies that have proven themselves in other cities, where European cooperation strengthens us. For example, the Portuguese capital Lisbon has increased participation from a bottom-up perspective, where citizens contribute ideas and decide on how the city invests.

Written by:Carl De Liedekerke


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