Eindhoven to test ‘integrated charging stations’

Charging station
Photo credit: Studio040

Car charging stations integrated into lamp posts and other street furniture. It must be the solution to the increasing ‘cluttering’ of public space.

This is happening because more and more charging stations are being installed to charge the increasing number of electric cars. These charging stations clutter up the public space. According to PvdA (labour party), it would therefore be a good idea to integrate the charging facilities with existing street furniture.

In response to questions from the group, the city council says that it is working on this, but that it is also complicated. In the ‘t Veld neighbourhood, charging points will be integrated into lamp posts. This step must be taken in the spring. A start will be made with seven integrated charge points and one regular charge point. This should then be expanded to 16 integrated charge points.

The integration of charge points in street furniture is a complicated process, reports Eindhoven. This is because charge points are the property of private companies, while the street furniture, where they have to be integrated, is the property of the municipality. There is also the technical challenge of integrating the technology of charge points into lamp posts. Therefore, an extra object is needed to install the meter in lamp posts.

Another solution could be to install larger lamp posts, according to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. In order to make these considerations, tests will first be carried out, according to the city council.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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