Henk and Anneke suffer from rising costs: ‘It’s going to be very difficult’

Rising costs
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Due to rising food and energy prices, Henk and Anneke Smit from Eindhoven do not foresee a very rosy future. They are already hard up, but now they have to swallow it even harder. “It’s a big blow”.

Because they both live with a disability, the use of the car is of great importance to them. “We are completely dependent on it. If petrol soon becomes unaffordable for us, we will literally be stuck”. Family visits and hobbies have to be sacrificed to make ends meet, much to Anneke’s chagrin. “That really saddens me”.

Aid organisations

Rob Baken, president of Voedselbank Eindhoven (foodbank), also notes that more and more families are experiencing financial stress. “The increase in clients has just started. At first we could serve around 500 to 550 families, but we’ve already exceeded that. I expect it will only increase in the coming period”. Nevertheless, Voedselbank Eindhoven is well prepared for the influx of clients. “That is and will remain our main goal; to provide everyone with a package”.

Also Stichting Leergeld (tuition fee foundation) in Eindhoven is expected an increase in the number of families in trouble. According to chairwoman Hanny Jacobs, the pressure is not yet really felt at the moment, but she considers it likely that this increase will occur later. “We are already hearing from people that they are afraid of what is coming”.

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Bob

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