Catharina hospital looking to reduce unnecessary costs

Eindhoven hospitals preparing for second wave
Photo credit: Studio040/Tais da Silva

Catharina hospital is looking into a reduction of unnecessary healthcare cost. This investigation will be done using the so-called ‘Topzorg-programma’ of the cardiovascular center. 

The main reduction can be realized when the use of data determines the effectiveness of the healthcare processes. In this way both the quality and the efficiency of the hospital healthcare can be improved. Currently departments make their own budgets, but often more than one department is involved in the patient’s treatment. This can make it difficult to see the true costs.

The hospital’s researchers have developed a method in which financial experts, doctors and patients all have a say in so-called ‘cost drivers’. As explained by the program manager Dennis van Veghel, “This method gives us an idea of what the most important cost drivers are, but also which healthcare activities generate those costs. We expect to be able to implement further improvements by structuring processes even smarter and implementing technological innovations, such as e-health and telemonitoring”


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