Beta tournament to attract students to jobs in technology

Major pharmacists interested in Dutch COVID-19 antibody
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In order to get secondary school students interested in chemistry, physics, and biology, a Bèta Tournament was held on Wednesday. After all, there is a huge shortage of technical personnel. This is an initiative of Summa College and Fontys Hogescholen, Eindhoven.

Assignments in chemistry, physics, and biology were given. The students carried these out in the laboratory. Pupils from various schools in the region competed with each other.

On Wednesday, students carried out experiments to find the best potato for french fries. They wrote a report with a conclusion. The winners receive a contribution towards their further education costs. “We do this to encourage young people to go into the science field,” says Bas van Rijnen, a Summa teacher. There are a lot of vacancies at MBO level. Thanks to the ageing population, these are only going to increase.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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