Lab-1 nightclub opens in protest: ‘We want to earn again’.

Night club La-1 opens in protest
Photo credit: Studio040

Lab-1 in Eindhoven will open its doors next Saturday in protest against the corona policy. The nightclub is participating in national action. “We have invested so much and have been closed for two years. We want to make money again.”

”It’s just painful to see illegal parties being held, while we have to stay closed. And those parties are less safe, without air filters,” says Chris de Zeeuw, owner of LAB-1 in Eindhoven. “So when I heard about the action ‘The Night is on’ I immediately said yes.”

So LAB-1 opens its doors on February 12 for over 650 guests. After two years of closed clubs, dance lovers could once again party late into the night. De Zeeuw: “I really missed it and I hope that other clubs in the city will also open their doors again.

De Zeeuw is far from the only one who is dissatisfied with the fact that everything has to be closed at ten o’clock in the evening. This also applies to Siem Nozza, night mayor of Eindhoven: “I and many others just want the nightlife to open up again. There’s just too little consideration for our sector by the government and it’s, therefore, time that action is ¬†taken.”

So with the current measures, clubs are allowed to be open until ten o’clock in the evening, provided visitors stay in their seats. Lab-1 also plans to open on February 19, with an evening featuring DJs from Berlin


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