Eindhoven region invests the most in research: 3 billion invested

Eindhoven economic growth, Brainport region, economy at 1.8%, Leading in netherlands
Photo credit: Eindhoven News Library/Studio040

North-Brabant has invested the most in the Research & Development of all Dutch provinces. The province spent €3.9 billion in ‘R&D’ in 2019.

The vast majority of that was spent in the Eindhoven region. Southeast Brabant the private parties put €3 billion into research and development. Relative to the gross domestic product (GDP), the province spent 3.2 % on research and development in 2019.

This is by far the most within the Netherlands. After North Brabant, Overijssel invests proportionally the most of its GDP in research, at 1.35%. Next comes Gelderland with 1.34%. Utrecht and North and South Holland spend only a small 1.2% of GDP on research.

Top ten
From a European perspective, Noord-Brabant’s investment density (the share of GDP invested in research) places it in the European top ten, in which Germany is particularly well represented with six regions. Stuttgart invests proportionally the most in research: just under 7% of GDP. Brabant is eighth on that list.

(Far from the) European top
In terms of investment in research, the Netherlands ranks low compared to other EU countries. The country invested just below the EU average in 2020: just over two percent of GDP. Belgium and Sweden are at the top in terms of investment in research in 2020 with almost 3.5% of GDP.

Source: www.studio040.nl

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