Neighbourhood is unhappy about the lifting of Kruisstraat closure

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The municipality decided to reopen Kruisstraat to motorised traffic in the evening. The decision has not gone down well with a group of residents and entrepreneurs in Oud-Woensel.

The municipality introduced the measure at the beginning of June to prevent nuisance from speeding drivers and other motorised jammers. The closure measure had to stop early due to insufficient justification legally. A group of residents and entrepreneurs subsequently objected to the measure, after which the municipality reversed the closure.

Back to start

At an information evening about the future of the Oud-Woensel area on Wednesday, residents reacted furiously: “We are back to square one. Now those people have free rein again. And who is going to protect us from that? The police? If you call them, they don’t come or come too late. They don’t have the capacity for it, we’ll be told again later.” 

Nevertheless, residents and entrepreneurs are again dependent on enforcement, according to an official from the municipality. “It will take at least six months for a solution that does stand legally. If we want to close the street again, we must provide alternative parking spaces for catering entrepreneurs who are less easily accessible. And we are investigating whether we are not burdening the temporary access roads such as Weverstraat unnecessarily.”

Wish Lists

The municipality’s vision is for the area to be a lot greener, more diverse, safer, more hospitable and more vibrant. The approximately 20 residents present also submitted their own wish lists. For example, entrance’s paid parking! Tackle illegal habitation! Make sure that the terraces radiate quality! Organise something fun car-related at the Woenselse Markt! Buy up properties so that you can influence the tenant and prevent another shisha lounge from coming in!

The municipality’s vision team returned home with a folder full of input. “We are happy with it”, said one official. “We will not get anywhere with cynicism. We need committed people like you to think along and help to get this beautiful neighbourhood back on its feet.” The input will be incorporated into a definitive vision that will be submitted to the Board later this year.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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