Illuminated sunflowers inspired by Van Gogh to go on display in Nuenen

illuminated sunflowers
Photo credit: Studio040

A light installation inspired by Van Gogh’s sunflowers was a popular feature of Eindhoven’s Glow festival in 2019. This year the sunflowers will make a comeback – this time in Nuenen, where Van Gogh painted some of his most famous works more than a hundred years ago.

The sunflowers will go on display next to the Roosdonck windmill. The windmill lies close to the De Groot family’s farm. The family formed the inspiration for Van Gogh’s famous ‘De Aardappeleters’ (‘The Potato Eaters’).

The display is part of an initiative by Nuenen Council, the organisers behind Glow, and Van Gogh Brabant, an organisation preserving Van Gogh’s heritage. They state that the intention is to bring a ‘colourful homage’ to Van Gogh to the area.

The sunflower display was designed by light artists Hugo Vrijdag from Eindhoven, and Gu Yeliang from China. It was originally created for the 2019 edition of Glow, where they adorned the stairs outside the Witte Dame building.

Glow runs from 6 to 13 November this year.


Source: Studio040

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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