Water Board: ‘Acute water shortage over, but every drop counts’

Drug waste dunped in Dommel
Photo credit: Studio040 Photographer: Silvester Klaasman

The recent period of heavy rainfall meant good news for the level of groundwater, according to the De Dommel water board. However, there are some observations to be made.

For the past few weeks, there has been a sailing ban in the water board area because of the high water level. The water level was too high to sail a boat or canoe under the bridges. The height of the water also caused stronger currents.

The ban on sailing has already been partially lifted and since Monday it has been possible to sail everywhere in the water board area again. In addition, it was announced yesterday that in the northern part of the water authority, to the north of the Wilhelminakanaal, the ban had also been lifted.

This means that farmers in the area roughly between Best, Tilburg Waalwijk and Den Bosch may  use groundwater again to water their crops. In Eindhoven and the surrounding areas, however, the ban is still in force. The fact that the streams and ditches in the area are full of water again does not mean that the groundwater supply has been replenished, the water board reports.

Sensitive to drought
“The acute water shortage has now passed, but our high, sandy soils remain susceptible to drought”, Lonneke Schilte, drought coordinator for the water authority, says.

“As long as it rains from time to time, the water levels remain at a reasonable level, but if it stays dry and warm for a while, we will be faced with a drought again. Taking serious action together to retain water in the area is still necessary in order to replenish the groundwater supply. Every drop counts”, Schilte says.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Eindhoven News translator: Bob


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