Pop-up lab collects Eindhoven bacteria

Photo credit: Studio040

In Woensel-West, Eindhoven citizens could donate their bacteria. Not for research or a doctor’s visit, but for a mural on the viaduct at Vredesoord.

The artwork is part of the Overbruggen (Bridging) project from the Municipality of Eindhoven. For this initiative, a total of thirteen artworks will be created in the coming years on bridges, viaducts and in tunnels in Eindhoven North-West. For the murals, the municipality is working together with high-tech companies in the region to show what happens behind the doors of these companies.

“The Overbruggen project actually stands for bridging the creative and high-tech industries”, Pim Bens, of the project, says. “Through  collaboration, artists can be inspired by what happens in those high-tech companies”.

BioArt Lab
For this work of art, we are collaborating with BioArt Laboratories: an organisation that combines art with life science. The bacteria they have collected are cultured for a couple of weeks. By using sugar and bouillon, different bacteria get different colours. An artist then chooses a number of them, which will be  enlarged and then depicted on the viaduct this autumn.

Collecting Cultures
The organisation itself has been collecting bacteria for five years for their project Collecting Cultures. They want to portray diversity in a unique way. “Everyone looks different, but  our bacteria is also unique”, Roy Celi, who collected the bacteria, says. But, similarities can also be discovered. “When people fill in the questionnaire, we can see, for example, which bacteria only occur in people with a dog”.

Earlier, works of art were created under Welschapsedijk and under Anthony Fokkerweg.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Eindhoven News translator: Bob



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