‘Strange’ musical collaboration

Photo credit: POPEI

Local music venue POPEI and the well-known Music with Strangers (MwS) are joining forces.

They want to not only connect people through music. But also allow them to discover and develop their talents. MwS’s mission is to use music to create, nurture and grow strong bonds between its community’s members.

At its heart – weekly socialising evenings. These are held in a friendly environment where the “Strangers” meet, jam, and rehearse. Their usual place – the Hub on Vestdijk – closed its doors early on in the pandemic. 

New home

Now, Music with Strangers has found a new home –  POPEI. POPEI’s third floor has been undergoing renovation for a while now. It can be used for meetings and more.

This is where MwS will be working from, to resume their weekly events at POPEI in the autumn. POPEI also has separate rehearsal rooms that Music with Strangers will use. But easily accessible space is open to other groups too.

POPEI is committed to showcasing bands and musicians who focus on pop music in the broadest sense of the word. This misc venue does this through activities and facilities. These include rehearsal rooms, a concert hall, a cafeteria with a stage, and a recording studio.

Their core activity is talent development. Their mission – to let people discover and develop their talents with music. Every year, POPEI offers about 2,500 people a stage to actively participate in a musical activity.

Music with Strangers

MwS is 67-members- strong today. It started in 2014 as a guitar school. Since then, it’s grown tremendously in size and its range of activities. Most Music with Strangers members are internationals who study or work in Eindhoven.

They usually organise more than ten concerted a year. These musicians are itching to get back on stage as soon as they can.

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