Traces of 80-yr War found

Photo credit: Gemeente Eindhoven/Studio040

During work on the redevelopment of Grote Berg, archaeologists found remains of fortified moats from the Middle Ages and the 80-Year War.

Before the redevelopment of Grote Berg, it was investigated where archaeological remains could still be expected. An archaeologist accompanies the excavation work at those locations. City archaeologist Peter de Boer is delighted with the find.

“It’s known that from the Middle Ages onwards, the city of Eindhoven was surrounded by two moats. We’ve probably rediscovered part of the outer canal. In 1583, the Spaniards built a new fortification here, of which we’ve discovered parts of a triangular, protruding moat”, De Boer says.


“This was part of a so-called bastion. There’s an aerial map of these fortifications from 1585. But we can only approximately see where the fortifications were located and how big they were.”

“We don’t know how the Spaniards made them. During archaeological research over the past 30 years, remains of the moat have been found in a few places in the city. But never the remains of a bastion. This find is, therefore, a wonderful addition to our knowledge of the subject”, De Boer says.

Wooden posts

Rows of wooden posts were found during the archaeological survey. These were used as revetments to prevent the embankment from sinking into the moat. One post that was examined in its entirety was no less than 3,3 metres long.

Shards of pottery were also found in the filling of the ditch, according to the municipality. This suggests that the moat was filled in at the end of the 16th century. According to the city council, it’s likely that the moat was part of the new city defences in 1583.

In that year, Eindhoven was razed to the ground by violence. After that, the Spaniards constructed a new moat. This effort, too, was undone a year later by Willem van Oranje’s troops.


Translated by: Bob

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