Petition signed 500+ times on fires at recycling company

Photo Credit: Studio040/Larissa Gomes Meyer

Residents of the ‘t Ven district have collected more than 500 signatures. The reason for the petition is the fourth fire in one year at the recycling company Mirec. The initiators of the signature campaign hope that the municipality will act on the problem.

“For the fourth time, a smoke, stench and who-know-what-toxic substances came over our fine residential area ‘t Ven to a greater or lesser extent”, says neighbourhood resident Paul Speckens in frustration. “Something bad happened, like a baby ingesting smoke through an open window during his nap?” According to Speckens, it is now the municipality’s turn.

In the past year, the recycling company has invested millions in measures such as heat cameras and suction systems. There is also an extra check to remove batteries from the devices. The batteries can cause dangerous situations. Jan Vissen, director of Mirec, is disappointed with the situation: “I understand the concerns of local residents, but this latest fire has nothing to do with the previous incidents.”

According to Vissen, all measures taken would be implemented by mid-June. From then on, the residents would no longer be bothered by the smoke from a possible fire. “But now we are unlucky. No one could have foreseen that rooms would flood. It is a pity that the discussion flares up again, while we have solved almost all problems”, said the director.

City Council

Parties D66 and GroenLinks would prefer to relocate the company. “We know that it will not work in the short term, but perhaps before 2027”, says Jeanette Vos, council member GroenLinks. Tom Brouwers, councillor D66, adds: “In the meantime, we, as a municipality, have to get to work on this.” On Tuesday, they submitted questions to the council. Council members expect to have more clarity on 15 June.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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