Kruisstraat, Woenselse Markt to be closed

Photo credit: Pixabay

From this Saturday, Kruisstraat and Woenselse Markt will be closed every night.

The closure will take effect every evening at 20:00 and will until 05:00 the following morning. Kruisstraat will be inaccessible from the Kruisstraat/Weverstraat intersection. And Van Kinsbergenstraat and Verwerstraat will be closed from Kruisstraat.

This is to try and cut back the recent overwhelming nuisance in the area. For many nights in a row, the area’s been overrun by young people. They drive around in cars and on scooters and motorcycles. They pull off with squealing tires, revving their engines, doing wheelies.

Recently, the municipality had installed cameras in the streets and on the square. That hasn’t had any deterrent effect at all, the municipality notes. The closure does have consequences for the residents. They can no longer enter the area, but the council has informed them of this.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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