Mierlo school has enough room, says commission

Photo credit: Larissa Gomes Meyer/Studio040

It doesn’t look like Mierlo primary school ‘t Schrijverke will get its desired extension.

According to the RO Raad (Spatial Planning Commission), the school has enough room. This commission considered the school’s accommodation plans on behalf of the Town Council. The RO Raad looked at all the laws and regulations surrounding existing standards for schools.

According to Annemie Mertens of the school board, this commission ignores the fact that the school consists of two locations. They have twice as many auditoriums, gymnasiums and other spaces at the expense of classrooms.


The commission believes school boards should cooperate more and compete less. “A worthless statement”, Mertens says. “We’re already collaborating with other schools. And we’re certainly willing to continue doing so”.

In the short term, the schools do want to cooperate. But they also want a long-term solution. “The advice is premature. We’re still discussing the plan”.

The school already has two locations—one in the centre and one in Luchen. Adding a third location is not something the school or its parents want. “I have three children,” worried parent Nienke Rapost says. “What if I have to go to three different schools? I don’t see how that can work.”

Teaching in a gym?

On 12 July, the municipal council will meet to discuss the plan. Saskia van Limpt is chairwoman of the parents’ association and a member of the action committee. She thinks that’s too late.

“If there’s no solution before September, there’s not going to be enough room for the eighth graders. You can’t put up an emergency building or partner with another school in such a short time. The headmaster says they’ll soon have to start teaching in the gymnasium.”

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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