Learning Dutch while out in the neighbourhood

Photo credit: Studio040

Walking and learning the Dutch language at the same time. Eklima, from Ethiopia, does this once a week with her language buddy Ingrid.

Practising the Dutch language and getting to know the neighbourhood better at the same time. That is the goal of the language walk—an initiative of the Samimi Foundation. Every week language buddy Ingrid walks with Eklima from Ethiopia through the neighbourhood.

In this way, the Samimi Foundation hopes to bring families with a migrant background out of isolation. Not only the language recipient benefits but the language buddies learn a lot. “It’s really an interaction”, says Ingrid. “Eklima learns to master the Dutch language better, and I, in turn, learn something about her culture”.

Seeking buddies

The foundation is looking for more language buddies. “You don’t have to be a Dutch teacher to become a language buddy. It’s about the connection”, Helen Janssen of the Samimi Foundation says.

“If you sign up, we’ll first see if you click with the community; from there, we’ll pair you with a language recipient”. Eindhoven residents who want to become language buddies can register on www.ouderkindsamimi.nl.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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