Martin has visited all 255 McDonald’s restaurants in the Netherlands

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Martin Nijkamp (33) from Best has accomplished his mission: visit all 255 McDonald’s in the Netherlands. He visited the last two branches at Schiphol on Wednesday afternoon.

“It was really great! Very beautiful!”, says a very enthusiastic Martin. The last two locations on his list were challenging because they are behind customs at Schiphol. Martin tried to visit them before, but his vacation was canceled. Buying a plane ticket for only the restaurants was just a step too far for him. With the help of the airport and McDonald’s Netherlands, he was allowed to go there with his friend Koen, without a plane ticket. “We really do that in exceptional cases,” says spokesman Eunice Koekkoek of the fast food chain.

The man from Best has been working on the unique mission since the beginning of 2018. He ate at all 255 branches in the Netherlands. Despite that, he weighs “in the back 70” kilos. In addition, he kept all receipts in a scrapbook. The fanatic even has an extensive administration, which shows the date on which he was where.

Journey continued

Martin has already visited three extra locations. In Uden and Delft, the branches have moved. He then had to visit them again. Moreover, a branch in Groningen’s Stadskanaal burned down, so he can no longer count it. So he will soon arrive at an unofficial number of 258 branches.

Consider that Corona closed many restaurants, is it finally ready? “Of course it is never finished. New McDonald’s outlets are planned”, said Martin. “It is certainly not the case that I now want to visit all Burger Kings.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei

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