Foodie walks allowed again

Photo credit: WijnSpijs

After political lobbying at several municipalities, culinary take-away walks are now allowed again.

These have to be done under certain conditions. You can take a food tour, as long as it’s not officially organised. But, that doesn’t you can’t guide yourself along in some kind of way.

This is where WinjSpijs (Wine and Dine) comes in. This company has been organising weekly culinary walking tours for the last ten years. Since restaurants are closed, these can’t currently take place.

Take-away tours

But WinjSpijs wants to support these establishments. So, they recently launched WijnSpijs Take Away walks in more than 20 Dutch cities, including Eindhoven. In April and May, people can take the culinary take away walk past five or six restaurants in a city like Eindhoven.

The Eindhoven take-away walks begin this weekend. For €33, you can get five small meals from five of the city’s top restaurants. You can buy your tickets here.

Tickets are valid on both days (Saturday and Sunday). You can choose which day you want to take the self-guided tour. Or you can split it over both days, as long as you visit each restaurant only once.

‘What’s possible’

“Together with the hospitalty industry, we focus on what’s possible instead of what’s not,” says Wouter Dijkstra WijnSpijs‘ director. “This entrepreneurial mindset is common to the Eindhoven eateries.”

All this is, of course, done completely ‘corona-proof’ and according to the National Health Department rules. It’s also done within the city council’s legal framework. Here’s what you can and can’t do:

  • You choose your route past the restaurants. The WijnSpijs app can help you decide the order.
  • You walk on your own ( two people/one household max) at your own pace, between 12:00 and 18:00.
  • There’s no starting point, time slots, fixed routes or registration.

Not only do you get to try out great food, you support local businesses too. “As much as 85% of our ticket sales go toward supporting the participating restaurants and bars,” says WijnSpijs‘ Jaap Le Poole. “They desperately need this.”

Source: WijnSpijs

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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