Most Eindhoven voters chose VVD too

Dutch house of representatives
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The VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy) has once again won the DutchHouse of Representatives election. They got the most votes in Eindhoven as well.

This is the party Mark Rutte chairs. It got 19.7% of the city’s votes this year. In 2017, it was 18.8%. D66 trails by less than 890 votes. They got 19% of the votes.

This social liberal party received considerably more votes in Eindhoven than in the last national election. Then it got 15.8%. The trend follows the national one. According to national newspapers, The D66 won considerable ground. They received 2.7% more votes across the country than in 2017.


Back in Eindhoven, the PVV (Party for Freedom) remains at number three. This right-wing party received 9.6% of votes vs 12.4% in 2017. GroenLinks, the SP (Socialist Party), and the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) all lost ground too. They, respectively, received 4.4%, 4.3%, and 2.3% fewer votes this time around.

The FvD (Forum for Democracy) got considerably more (+4.7%) votes. That’s three per cent more than last time. Newcomer, Volt, got the same percentage of votes but 72 actual votes less than the FvD.

The 75% turnout in Eindhoven is lower than 2017’s 78.3%. That also follows the countrywide trend, where the 2021 turnout was 78,8%, whilst in 2017, it was 81,4%. There were 0,5% blank or invalid ballots in Eindhoven. Almost 123,700 eligible voters did their civic duty in the city. You can see Eindhoven’s complete results here.

Source: OmroepBrabant

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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