Eindhoven to set up ‘market-light’ in Acht

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Inhabitants of Acht have seen their appeal to organise a weekly market in the church village again partially answered. Also, the municipality says it wants to investigate a different set-up for markets in the city for the future.

Some 1,200 inhabitants of Acht signed a citizens’ initiative for a new weekly market in Acht. A market in Acht is desirable, according to the signatories, because the village lacks a baker, butcher and supermarket, among other things.

The city council says it won’t grant this wish for a weekly market. In a letter to the council, the committee says that there are plans to try out a new type of market. The municipality is taking this step because the market, both the weekly market and the smaller local market, is continuing to shrink. According to the city council, this is partly because the difference between market and shop prices is becoming smaller, for example, by the growth of price discounter, Action.

Market light
Because the municipality costs remain the same, the city council is working on a new policy plan for markets. It’s looking at a set-up where there’s a so-called ‘market-light’. This should be a place where several stands are available for merchants on a flexible basis. At the same time, however, the municipality wants to offer this group sufficient security.

The municipality wants to test the light version of the market in Acht. The trial period will start in April or May and last until July. If the trial is successful, the new market rules can be agreed upon with the council in September. Then the new policy rules will apply to the whole of Eindhoven. What influence this will have on the current markets in Eindhoven is unknown.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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