Climate network strengthened

Climate crisis protest in Eindhoven. Photo credit: Studio040/Alain Heeren

Last year, Eindhoven’s city council set up the Klimaatnetwerk040 (Climate Network040).

This is a network of organisations that are engaged in sustainability matters. Last weekend, Councillor Rik Thijs signed a cooperation agreement with The New Block. This will allow the climate network to expand its activities and work.

“This will give sustainability a vital, visible place. It will also strengthen activities in the field of sustainability,” reads an Eindhoven Municipality press release. Cllr Thijs sees opportunities for the network to grow.

A platform

The New Block is a platform and a movement, based in Strijp-S. They, and their partners, want to be the driving force behind a thriving, sustainable, circular construction economy. This platform intends to do so through things like lectures and meetings. And they want to involve business, restaurants, and hotels.

The New Block focuses primarily on circular construction. But other, possibly related, sustainability themes also have a place here. And this is the right place for the Klimaatnetwerk040.

The New Block’s location offers opportunities for the network too. The Climate Network will also be setting up its activities and programmes. The cooperation is now set for one year.

Climate Alarm

“The Klimaatnetwerk040 will keep the municipality focused on these goals and its approach,” says Cllr Thijs in the statement. “It would be nice if this network develops into an [inclusive] movement. The [recently-held] national Climate Alarm reinforced this matter’s urgency.”

This was also held in Eindhoven on Sunday, 14 March. Several hundred people gathered (corona-proof) in support of the climate on Stadhuisplein. People of all ages, professions and political affiliations joined. They wanted to make people aware of the climate crisis.

Many consider this the ‘biggest threat of our time’. Both the organisers and the protesters agree – political preference shouldn’t play a role in tackling climate problems. “We have to find a solution together,” said one of those present.

Sources: Eindhoven Municipality Press Statement and Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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