Centrum Hofdael gets a new look: will it work now?

Hofdael, Gedlrop-Mierlo
Photo credit: Studio040

It has been a headache for the Municipality of Geldrop-Mierlo for years. But one thing is certain; Centrum Hofdael must become more popular among its residents. A new name and a fresh look should breathe new life into the cultural centre.

The new name of Hofdael will be Weeffabriek, at least if it is up to the manager Hannie Derks. She started one year ago and saw an opportunity to give the building a fresh look with a small budget: “We got all kinds of things, such as furniture, from Marktplaats and flea markets. Volunteers painted the walls. All this to give it a new look and make it cosy”.

Derks is busy making Hofdael multifunctional. For example, companies can rent rooms in the building for meetings and other gatherings. The proceeds from this are then put into the programming.

There are more ideas. Also, to attract more young people, but implementation is delayed. Hofdael was able to absorb many of the renewal themselves. But more money is needed, which causes a lot of discussion within the municipal council.

Councillor Rob Otterdijk: “A multifunctional building like this costs a lot of money, has cost us a lot of money and will cost us a lot of money”. And not everyone sees that within the council, so it is not yet clear how much subsidy Hofdael will receive from the municipality.

In the meantime, Hofdael continues to innovate so that, as soon as the doors open again, they will receive more customers. The expectation is that the new programme of the organisation will start in July.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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