Acht can start with weekly market this spring

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A weekly market will start in Acht this spring. The Eindhoven city council supported a citizens’ initiative about this on Tuesday evening.

Many residents of the church village would like a market, as shopkeepers have moved away over the years. More than 1,200 signatures were collected. A group of market vendors is also said to be enthusiastic.

Eindhoven politicians embrace the residents’ wish. “If Acht wants it, so do the merchants. Who are we to stop them?”, D66 councillor Marco van Dorst says. CDA colleague Remco van Dooren is also positive. “In Acht, there is a need for facilities. Nothing stands in the way of this weekly market”. PvdA councillor Patrick van Tuijn: “A market is more than shopping. It is also a social event. People come together. We support this initiative”.

Councillor List says she is keen to work with residents to make the market a success. She proposed earlier to let the market in Acht be part of a trial: a new set-up of markets in the city. Because the sector is shrinking, the city council wants to work more with flexible stands. “We want to try this out in Acht. And if it goes well, we will continue”.

List thinks that the stalls can open in Acht in April or May. “A lot of preliminary work has already been done. We still have to discuss how to deal with roadblocks, for example. Residents would like to see a market on Fridays. That seems like a good proposal”.


Translated by: Bob

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