Tiny forests will mean more ‘green space to centre’

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Instead of just an open space, this could be a tiny forest. Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

There is already one in Eindhoven – a tiny forest. But if it is up to some, there would be more.

Political party, D66, nature conservation education group, the IVN, and a group of enthusiastic residents support this idea. “A tiny forest is exactly as the name implies – a small forested area. It’s as big as a tennis court,” Joost Barendrecht, of the IVN, says.

“You fill it with all kinds of trees and plants. And then you let them do their thing. So, you increase biodiversity in the area.”

“Neighbourhood kids can also learn from it. It allows them to get in touch with nature. And that’s healthy,” adds Joost.

‘Tiny forest would be ideal’

A tiny forest has already been created in the Wasven. But according to De Bergen residents, there could also be one in Treffina, parallel to Kleine Berg. “People sometimes play football there,” resident, Aldrik Kleinlooh, says.

“But it’s still sad. A tiny forest would be ideal.” Lisa Ceelen adds, “We already have a tiny forest, but that’s more on the outskirts. Here, you can create more greenery in the city centre.”

The residents tried to create the mini forest a few years ago. Back then, the municipality wasn’t very keen on the idea. Now, under Robin Verleisdonk of D66’s leadership, a new attempt is being made.

He, the IVN and residents, will bring the city council’s attention to tiny forests’ importance. That will be at the next council meeting. “And if it can’t be done on this site, it should please be done somewhere else in the city,” says Aldrik. “It’s vital that we increase biodiversity in the city.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven


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