New MAVO study program at Stedelijk College

Photo Credit: Stedelijk College Eindhoven

From 2024, the study program MAVO (Preparatory Vocational education) will change for all the schools in the Netherlands.

The Oude Bossche Baan location of the Stedelijk College Eindhoven is starting a new program in the new school year 2021-2022. It is based more on practical-oriented programs. This program is for the sector “Zorg and Welzijn” (Care and Welfare) for the upper grades in the high school.

In addition to theoretical lessons, there will also be practical programs as per the profile the student selects in his/her upper grades. This is built upon the successful practice-based program the school offers in the beginning years.

The school shall offer the practice-based program in the coming school year (2021-2022). This will be for third-year MAVO students in the sector Zorg en Welzijn. At the end of the program, they’ll receive a diploma. It shall enable them to access HAVO (Higher General Secondary Education) and an MBO-4 (Secondary Vocational Education).The school also offers a practice-oriented program for students in the Economics & Business or Technology sector. Pupils of these profiles will receive, in addition to their MAVO diploma, a certificate for the practice-based program. 


  • In the senior phase of the mavo, the students will do the theoretical subjects. In addition, they will also do five studyhours per week on practical papers.
  • Students develop broad, practical skills. This involve researching, designing, and planning process. These skills prepare them better for various courses and professions (havo and mbo).
  • The practical education is developed and implemented together with companies in the region. For example, students also learn how to conduct a conversation with a client
    Themes such as sustainability, technology, health, and globalization are also part of the new MAVO.

Source: Persbericht

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives online INBURGERING classes.

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