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More and more Eindhoven residents are switching to forms of green energy, such as solar panels or a heat pump. The savings are sometimes so significant that the investment can be recouped after just a few years.

To do something about CO2 emissions. That was Rob van Kordelaar from Stratum’s primary goal. A few years ago, he decided to have solar panels installed on his roof.

“I’d deliberately chosen this house, with the idea of having those panels installed one day,” Kordelaar remembers. But, he never imagined he’d have recouped his investment after just a few years. “I now pay €60 a month. Before, it was about €240. So, four times as much.”


Kordelaar also purchased a heat pump. This replaced his boiler. That needed to be replaced.

It wasn’t cheap. Kordelaar forked out almost €9,000 in total. “A considerable sum indeed,” the retired Philips employee admits. “But there’s lots of assistance available for it, should you consider this.”

The Eindhoven association, 040Energie, is a point of contact where people with sustainability plans can ask their questions. The association is made up of experienced experts and volunteers.


These people often have expertise in energy. They’ve already helped many Eindhoven residents who want to make this investment. They’ve seen the demand for particularly solar panels increase in recent years.

“We’ve been able to help at least 1,000 people on their way,” secretary, Ad van den Brandt, explains. “There’s also interest in heat pumps. But these sales haven’t really taken off yet.”

According to 040Energie, various loans are possible that make investing in green energy a lot more affordable. You pay back those loans with the proceeds of your energy profits.

450 tons fewer CO2 emissions

The Eindhoven Councillor for Climate and Energy, Rik Thijs, is pleased with this. He recently presented a new climate plan for the next five years. This will ensure a 450-ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

That’s to be achieved through measures in the area of mobility. There are plans for a car-free inner city and electric transport. Then the city council plans to make its premises more sustainable.

There are also various climate deals with other authorities and organisations, such as housing corporations. Thij says: “We can’t do it alone. We’d like to see everyone participate, including our residents.”

“We challenge them to do so using all kinds of regulations. It’s good to see that this is being done more and more”.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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