Heat network plan to be reviewed

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There’s a plan to connect 352 homes in the ‘t Ven and Lievendaal suburbs to the heat network.

That may, however, pose more financial risks than previously thought. The Eindhoven city council will, therefore, only decide this at a later date. The municipality, housing corporations and the Natural Gas-Free Homes Programme jointly devised this plan.

They want to make the ‘t Ven and Lievendaal neighbourhoods natural gas-free. They want to build a heat network as a replacement. This has to be done to achieve one of the city’s goals on time.

They want to convert power from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. The project requires an investment of over €5.7 million.

Second opinion

The city council got a second opinion about the plans. It showed that more income could be generated at some points. But other costs would be higher. Delays and costs resulting from this must also be taken into account.

This concerns, for example, the purchase price of heat from a bio-energy plant. That’s going to be different from what is currently being taken into account. That’s because the plant is going to be made more sustainable. The cost of the final design may also be higher than is currently known.

The plans are still subject to many questions in the city council. So, it was decided to postpone the discussion of the plans to December. That was at the suggestion of Councillor Tom Brouwers.

The extra time will be used to get answers to financial and technical questions. The proposal will be rediscussed too.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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