New illuminated artwork unveiled at Welschapsedijk viaduct

illuminated artwork inspired by scientific research at welschasedijk
Photo credit: Pim Bens

A viaduct on Welschapesedijk has transformed into an illuminated artwork. Artists painted the viaduct’s walls with a graphic design that is brought to life by beams of coloured light. The viaduct is located between the Strijp and Meerhoven areas.

Scientific inspiration

Motion Paintings, a collective of artists from Amsterdam and Eindhoven, created the piece. They draw their inspiration from ‘microscopic phenomena’. The artists visited the Thermo Fischer Scientific’s branch in Eindhoven, which produces electronic microscopes for life sciences research. With their artwork, Motions Paintings say that they want to make the microscopic world – which is often invisible to the naked eye – more accessible for the general public.

Certain parts of the painting appear blurry, then come into focus when illuminated under special LED lighting. The artists say this is comparable to altering the lens on a microscope to bring the object under investigation into focus.

illuminated art by motion paintings collective
Photo credit: Pim Bens

Overbruggen project

The artwork is just one piece in a larger project known as ‘Overbruggen’ or ‘Bridging’. Coordinated by graffiti artist Vincent Huibers and interior artist Pim Bens, Overbruggen consists of thirteen artworks aiming to show what goes on behind the scenes of Eindhoven’s high tech industry. The aim is also to increase people’s knowledge of the role of electronic microscopes in research that makes our world healthier, cleaner and safer.

Other Overbruggen artworks are located at the viaducts on Elburglaan/Tilburgseweg and Anthony Fokkerweg/Beatrixkanaal.

Local support

Organisers behind GLOW Festival have expressed their support for the project. They say it fits within their mission, to show how ‘Eindhoven makes a difference’ through light.

Eindhoven City Council also say that the artworks have positive practical factors. For instance, they prevent the structures from being vandalised.

To see the artwork on Welschapsedijk in full, watch this

FOCUS from Motion Paintings on Vimeo.


Source: Eindhoven City Council press release

Translation: Rachael Vickerman

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