New city pass should be a ‘vitality pass’

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Eindhoven’s new city pass should encourage residents to exercise more and live healthier lives.

This became evident from a study commissioned by the municipality. People no longer need this pass to use underground rubbish bins. The researchers, therefore, think a new city pass can be developed from the sports pass.

The pass would then have to be used for the ‘health and well-being’ of the city’s residents. It’s estimated that the first phase of the development of such a pass would require some €250,000. According to the researcher, many inhabitants indicated they’d ‘certainly’ or ‘perhaps’ use such a pass.


There is another advantage. All the initiatives necessary to encourage people to improve their lifestyles are already underway in the city. So, connecting to such initiatives seems more logical than setting up something new.

According to the survey, the city pass can be used to help people improve their mental well-being. It can also assist in improving the city’s social policy. The new pass should make cultural activities more accessible too.

Offering such support via a city pass can also lead to considerable savings, according to the research. The study also recommends that the city council be transparent about the extent to which the privacy of pass users is safeguarded.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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