Message behind GLOW is ‘clear and much needed’

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Photo credit: Eindhoven News Media Library/Studio040

The message behind the light art work ‘Connecting the Dots’ is a sensible one; it connects. People feel that the theme is not only beautiful but also much needed in this day and age.

A young man and a young woman walk through the empty Stratum end of Thursday evening. They talk about the blue light above their heads behind the Catharina Church. Earlier they had seen red balloons in the city, and their search in Google informs them that those were part of GLOW too.

“It’s logical that you immediately think of Glow in this day and age,” says the woman. She misses the real festival in the city, but certainly appreciates the message behind the light art work.

Welcome message

An English-speaking man with a cap, who has only been living in Eindhoven for six months, has heard of festival Glow through internet. He has great appreciation for the fact that the organization has created something to add atmosphere to the city. “It’s great” he says. “And necessary. A lot of people are suffering, these are weird times. It is precisely then that such a message is very welcome”.

A message of connection

A man from the municipal cleaning department in a fluorescent suit empties the full garbage cans in front of the Catharina Church. “I don’t see any blue light, I only see garbage,” he shouts in jest. Since the catering industry is closed, he has his hands full collecting garbage in the city, because of the gigantic increase in take-away meals. The empty trays and boxes are piling up in some places. “But seriously: I love it. That light. Yes, that message of connection too. I just hope we get rid of this strange situation soon.”


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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