Many projects to improve internationals’ health care

healthcare in the Netherlands
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The latest newsletter from Healthcare for internationals (h4i) is online.

In this autumn edition, you can read not only about mental health care. There are also articles about getting into a health care job. And how informing internationals about Dutch General Practitioners has improved.

What you find in the newsletter:

Mental health care: Do many internationals have mental health complaints? How effective is online therapy and what facilities are there?

Labour migrants and their access to Dutch health care: There is a large group of internationals who aren’t proficient in English. They aren’t sufficiently reached.

Information from Dutch General Practitioners: A new website with information about GPs in the Netherlands is available now – For now, with the most common complaints and most needed information.

How to get into a job in the health care segment in the Netherlands: There’s a project to make it easier for internationals to get into a health care job.

Health care insurance: Your 2021 policy.

You can read about these topics in detail here.

Healthcare for internationals (H4i) and other health and well-being organisations are putting energy into better meeting the healthcare needs of internationals living in the Netherlands.

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