Local job market uncertain

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The Eindhoven Municipality is uncertain of the job market’s future.

That’s what Councillor Yasin Torunoglu said during a council meeting on Tuesday evening. “The large number of dismissals after the first [COVID-10] wave has failed to materialise. But it’s uncertain what that will look like in the future”, Torunoglu says.

During the first coronavirus wave, it was mainly people with flexible contracts who lost their jobs. “But now, people with permanent contracts also notice that their employment contract is finite. An employee has a very good sense of how a company’s doing.

“Which way is it going? And they get an idea when their job may well cease to exist,” the Councillor says. Torunoglu adds that even households with a double partner income are at risk of running into trouble.

No unemployment safety net

“For example, people with their own business may have been doing very well for years. They may now have been dipping into their reserves for a while. They’ll have to pull the plug at some point.”

“They don’t have the Employment Insurance safety net. They approach the Council more quickly for help,” the Councillor explains.

Torunoglu works with various organisations to support the unemployed. “We have a triple aim. We help people move from one job to another. We also help people to get a suitable job after school. Thirdly, we want to help get people off welfare.”

Work is currently underway on a new plan to better tackle the problems. It’s not known when that plan will be presented.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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