Urban Sports Park ready in May 2021

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The construction of the Urban Sports Park has been given the go-ahead.

This is the outdoor version of Area51. It should become a new hotspot for free runners, survival runners, bmx’ers, skaters, and boot campers. The park on Elburglaan in Strijp should be ready in May 2021.

‘t Schoot sports park is the former home of the LEW football club LEW. There, two of the future urban sports park attendees have been using a corner for some time now. There space enough for both callisthenics and survival run enthusiasts.

Lots of challenges

There are racks, nets, ropes, and other challenging equipment combinations. The terrain’s imminent transformation means at least a doubling in space and variation for both sports.

However, their growth is only part of the rejuvenation the area is facing. For example, there will be a course for free runners. The number of play and exercise equipment at the adjacent Strijp Dorp primary school will be considerably increased.

An artistic impression of what the Urban Sports Park could look like. Image credit: Studi040

There will also be a pump track – a paved track, full of sloping bends and hills in which cyclists, bmx’ers, skaters, go-karters, rollerbladers, and even wheelchair uses can indulge. Young and old, trained or untrained, should soon be able to play sports in the park.


Local residents and future users have played a significant role in the park’s design. Construction begins next month. According to Eindhoven Sports Councillor Stijn Steenbakkers, their input will ensure that the neighbourhood will act as the park’s co-manager. The municipality will, however, be responsible for the site’s maintenance.

Even for those who don’t want to clamber around and just want to take a break, the park will soon be a place where you can hang out. The park won’t be locked. It will be accessible to everyone. It will be lit at night too, and have trees and other greenery.


The park is located in a relatively remote part of the city. According to Councillor Steenbakkers, that’s not a disadvantage. “It’s close to the indoor Area51 in Strijp S.”

“So this urban sports scene is close together. Users can also take advantage of that.” André Smits, who does callisthenics, expects the park to attract visitors from outside the city. For them, the location in Eindhoven is less relevant.

The Urban Sports Park will cost almost €1 million to build. Most of that money comes from the Regiodeal – a coffer of government money that pays for the construction or improvement of regional facilities.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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