Tunnel to be lit with art

Photo credit: Eindhoven City Council

From Monday, artists from the Amsterdam/Eindhoven collective, Motion paintings, will be hard at work.

They’re going to be working on the Welschapsedijk. They’ll adorn the walls with graphic designs that appear to change through dynamic, coloured LED lighting. The work is a playful, artistic exploration of the cellular, molecular, and atomic worlds.

The LED lights allow the wall painting to shift focus to the different layers of the design, bringing the graphics to life. The development of electron microscopes by the company, Thermo Fisher, inspired the designers. People can find one of their earlier works on the footbridge over the Torenallee at Strijp-S.

Development plan

The project is part of the broader area development of northwest Eindhoven. That’s an area of ​​striking contrasts. It has the busy A2 and high-tech production companies, but also parks and forested footpaths.

The city is developing the zone. It’s meant to be an ecological, scenic, and recreational connection between the city and the Groene Woud area. Vincent Huibers and Pim Bens are coordinating this. These two are from Vincent Huibers Graffiti Agency and Vlakwerk, respectively.

It’ll feature a total of 13 artworks. They’ll showcase the behind-the-scenes world of the high-tech production industry. The annual light art festival, GLOW, also supports the projects.

Fits in

It fits in with the festival’s vision of continuous innovation, design, and entrepreneurial spirit. It is also part of the city council’s Overbruggen project. Artists are to tackle tunnels all over the city with works inspired by Eindhoven’s high-tech industry.

Two other tunnels –  the Elburglaan/Tilburgseweg and Anthony Fokkerweg/Beatrixkanaal – have already been beautified. Eindhoven municipality has several practical goals for painting tunnels. It protects the concrete, combats vandalism, and makes the area safer.

The work in Welschapsedijk is expected to last two to three weeks. It’ll be partially narrowed during construction but will remain accessible to cyclists and cars.

Source: Eindhoven City Council

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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