Province wants billions for the Brainport mobility transition

Photo Credit: Studio040

The province of Noord-Brabant wants billions to lift public transport in the province and the Brainport region to a higher level.

This is evident from the “bid book” that the province has written about the future of public transport in the south of the Netherlands. According to the province, the Brainport region is “relatively” difficult to reach by public transport. That, while it is important for the business climate that the region is properly accessible.

In the short term, 1 billion euros is needed to improve the situation. That must be invested in junctions in Eindhoven and Den Bosch. Especially around Eindhoven more train tracks are needed.

The entire rail network in the province must also be scaled up. In the long term, this will require 2.5 billion euros.

With that money, a mobility transition must have taken place by 2040. In addition, the car should become less important. Travel on foot, by bicycle and public transport had to become more important. Public transport must play a central role in that mobility system.

International hub
According to the bid book, there should also be a second international hub in Eindhoven with connections to Belgium and Germany. The first international hub should be in Breda.

Earlier, Eindhoven already announced its intention to use the money from the growth fund to build a light rail connection between various important points in the Brainport region.

Source: Studio040

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