Possible bombs under Geldropseweg with refurbishment on the way

EIndhoven city street
Photo Credit: Silvester Klaasman (Studio040)

The redevelopment of Geldropseweg can start in the early beginning of 2021, as forecasted by the municipality.

The plans for the redesign have been on the shelf for some time. According to the municipality, this had to do with intensive consultation with the neighbourhood. That consultation took more time than expected, the municipality answers questions from the Partij voor de Arbeid (PvdA) and Elderly Appeal (Ouderen Appèl).

In addition to the fact that the consultation took more time, this also included the budget that was made available for the redevelopment. That amount of one and a half million euros is too low.

That is because the estimate of construction and material costs was too low. The costs for excavating and removing polluted soil are higher than budgeted. The last reason for the higher costs is the possible presence of bombs in the ground underneath the road.

Source: Studio040

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