Motion offers a permanent stage for light art in Eindhoven

Motion Experience in Eindhoven
Source: San van Suchtelen (Studio040)

A colourful playground, a surreal light show, or a theater for the senses? The makers behind the new Motion Experience in the Piazza center need a lot of text to explain exactly what this new light attraction in the city is. The association with GLOW is obvious, but the differences are too great for that, the founders believe.

Get up two escalators in the Piazza center and you can not miss it: the Motion Experience. It opened its doors on August 1. The new light theater has settled where children once bought their Playmobil and puzzles. In its new life, the former retail space houses 1200 square meters filled with luminous and illuminated installations, color, imagination, illusion in a mix with music and movement. Floors and walls merge seamlessly through projections, so that as a viewer you suddenly imagine yourself on the deck of a ship or other (fantasy) locations. There are people who take a pill for such a thing. “We do not sell drugs here and they are certainly not necessary,” laughs founder Bram van der Vorst. Together with a team of 25 people, they have worked hard in recent months to get everything ready on time. He does not see that the opening within the aftermath of corona as a drawback. “More people have stayed at home, so they can now go here nicely.”

An afternoon at Motion Experience costs 13 euros per ticket. But that price is not too bad, according to Van der Vorst. “If you look at what comparable theaters demand for an experience like this, we are still low in the price.”

Fellow and artistic manager Jan Fabel understands the association with GLOW, but he thinks that this is a number of important issues. “GLOW is a festival that takes place once a year. This is a permanent stage for people or groups who come up with new things in the field of light art. As far as we are concerned, these could also be schools. We will be looking into that in the coming period.”

Source: Studio040

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