Green Go sharing scooters causing parking problems

Green sharing scooters causing parking troubles
Photo Credit: Twitter/kimskinskipster/OmroepBrabant

Everywhere on the streets, we come across the green Go sharing scooters.  In the middle of the cycle path, in pedestrian areas or sometimes even in a shopping trolley! These are causing parking troubles.  

Municipalities are reluctant to take steps. Helmond does not hand out fines for wrong parking, but asks Go Sharing to move incorrectly parked scooters. Eindhoven refers complainants to the company. Brabant now has 700 such scooters, but more are becoming available.

The idea behind the scooters is simple: they can be rented for short rides, via an app. After use you park it somewhere so someone else can rent it again. That doesn’t always go well.

In Helmond, for example, there has been a scooter in a pond for two weeks now. “Even after several reports, the scooter is still there. Who will do something about it?” Hetwie writes in an angry tweet to Go Sharing and the municipality of Helmond on Wednesday evening.

The scooter company has said that the scooter is going to be picked up, the municipality hasn’t responded. And Hetwie is not the only one to complain about the Go Sharing share scooters. On social media, there’re numerous pictures of  wrongly parked or dumped scooters.

Go Sharing has reported to Omroep Brabant to do everything possible to prevent nuisance. For example, banning wrong parkings from the platform after three warnings. In Eindhoven and Helmond this has happened about 50 times since the start of the system at the end of 2019. Remarkable: later this year Go Sharing will come up with a system of ‘positive rewards’. People who park correctly can save for free rides.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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