CDA worried about ‘Chinese interference’ in education

CDA finds Chinese interference worrying
Photo Credit: Studio040, Entrance Stedelijk College

The CDA Eindhoven (Christian democratic Party) is worried about what it calls ‘Chinese interference’ in Eindhoven’s education.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Clingendael institute conducted research into the influence of China on Dutch education. The institute came to the conclusion that there’s indeed an influence on higher education in the Netherlands, but not in secondary education.

The Chinese government finances the Confusius Institute. It, in turn, finances educational institutions in Eindhoven. The CDA wants to know from the city council whether it considers this desirable. In one of the books offered by the Confucius Institute there’s a discussion on the 1989 protests on the Peace Square. The party feels it to be inadequate and is also dissatisfied with it.

According to the CDA, the Stedelijk College Eindhoven is one of the 72 secondary schools in the Netherlands where Chinese lessons are taught. But not all those schools receive money for that from the Confusius Institute. The school receives a small 10.000 euro from the institute for offering Chinese lessons.

The CDA wants to know if the city council is in discussion with the Stedelijk College.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.


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