Samen voor Eindhoven distributes 150 laptops

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The charity Allemaal Digitaal (Everything Digital) donated 150 laptops to Samen voor Eindhoven (Together for Eindhoven). They are being distributed to various social institutions in Eindhoven.

These organizations believe that digital connectivity is a basic need. Allemaal Digitaal, therefore, collects laptops and tablets to distribute them to people who need them.

For example, Samen voor Eindhoven gave fifteen laptops to the Huiskamer voor Vluchtelingen (Living Room for Refugees). “They give Dutch language lessons to about 40 homeless or homeless refugees. A number of them now receive a laptop on loan to support their learning of the Dutch language. If they master the language, they hand in the laptops again and someone else can use them”, Esther Hofstede, director of Samen voor  Eindhoven, says.

To learn
“We loan the laptops to people who are having a hard time”, Hofstede says. “for example, children who need a laptop for school, newcomers who want to learn the Dutch language, people who suffer from loneliness or are isolated”.

An inventory of the foundation and Eindhoven Library shows that there is a great need for the equipment in the region. They still need bout 1,000 laptops to meet this need.

Not available
“In our Brainport region, 1 out of 11 schoolchildren do not have a laptop or PC at their disposal. They are unable to develop the digital skill that is important in this day and age. And therefore lag behind in their general development”, Albert Kivits, director of the Eindhoven Library, says.


Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Nicole



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