Abundance of residential waste keeps Trudo busy

Trudo Celsiusplein. Photo credit: Studio040/Larissa Gomes Meyer

Around Celsiusplein in Woensel-West, the Trudo housing corporation is busy disposing of waste. Residents had to move because the buildings were being flattened, but as a result, the street was suddenly full of residential waste.

“We’ve never had that before”, Trudo director, Jos Goijaerts, says in amazement. The housing association is a bit used to it, but never to this extent. To solve the problem Trudo has made arrangements with Ergon. Now they clean up the garbage daily.

The police also drive through the neighbourhood more often. The problem is partly solved by the two measures. Goijaerts: “If you walk around here, the streets aren’t clean yet”. People living in the neighbourhood aren’t completely satisfied either. “You come to live in such a beautiful neighbourhood and then that mess ruins it”, an inhabitant of the neighbourhood says.

Soon there will be fences around the empty buildings. Then Trudo expects that the garbage nuisance will be over for good.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Nicole

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