No soaring temperature above 40 this summer in Brabant

Summer in Brabant not above 40
Photo credit: Chaitali Sengupta

This year, many Branbanders are spending the summer vacation in their own province or in their own country. For them, the most important question is, how’s the weather going to be in the summer months.

Are you going to need an umbrella? Or are the bermuda shorts and trendy flip-flops would be enough? Alfred Snoek of Weerplaza: “It’s not a stable summer weather, but we can manage well.”

The weather for the next few months? Weatherman Pike thinks it’s ‘quite bold’ to predict anything right now. “The next week won’t be bad. The week begins with about 20 to 22 degrees. In the course of the week it will get warmer and there’ll be little or no rain.”

Not a stable summer weather
How shall the weather be in the long term? “Certainly not very stable,” says Pike. “There’ll certainly be beautiful weeks, alternating with days with lower temperatures and sometimes some rain. Such dips are difficult to predict. I don’t expect continuous period with rain.”

Beautiful weather, interspersed with a few dips
June too hot, July too cold. “If you add that up, you come out at normal. August will determine whether we have a good summer this year or not.” According to Pike, no peaks are to be expected this year in terms of temperature. “The weather doesn’t have any over-40s in store.”

Temperature not above forty
The summer weather in August and September is often characterized by beautiful summer days followed by downpours and thunderstorms. “You can set your clock on that, from august onwards. In the coastal areas, there’d be heavy showers above the warmed seas.  But you’d be fine in Brabant.”


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta, who gives ONLINE Inburgering classes.

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