Historical buildings restored to their former glory

Eindhoven, Historic buildings
Photo Credit: Gemeente Eindhoven (Studio040)

Two buildings in the city center have had a major makeover: the building at Vrijstraat 21 and the building at Kerkstraat 15.

The building at Vrijstraat 21 was empty for years. Old, characteristic parts of the interior have been refurbished and made visible, reports the municipality. The secret annex has also been reinforced. The 16th-century roof construction of the secret annex now has support beams.

The building on the corner of Kerkstraat and Wal has been given new frames. The hoisting installation of the building has also been restored.

The buildings are the first results of the aim of the municipality of Eindhoven to make the history of the city center more visible with real estate owners. The municipality also wants to prevent the impoverishment of historic buildings in this way.

Source: Studio040

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